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New Products:

BEST Trains:

Motrak Models purchased BEST Trains Structure Kits last year. I just got finished posting all their structures on this website. Please click on the "BEST Structure Kits" Icon and take a look at those structures. Those structures are not in production yet. If you see a structure that you would like to purchase at some time, please place one on order through checkout. No cost to you. I just want to get an idea on what my customers would like me to produce first. Now, if you model in a different scale, do the same but put in the comment section that you would like to see it in your scale.


Applewood General Store:

I will be announcing with photos our new structure kit "Applewood General Store" soon. This structure kit will come with two separate buildings. One building will be the Applewood General store and a restaurant. The other building will be a freight house.

Motrak Man Specials:

Please check out what I'm selling under the tab Motrak Man Special. Every week I'm adding new items that are at least 25% off of retail price. Right now, I got some Bowser Alco engines at 40% off of retail and free shipping.







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