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Here is what people are saying about Motrak Models:

"I talked with Jeff today at a train show here in Winston Salem, NC. Got to see a lot of his Products first hand. The structure kits he has are outstanding. But the loads he does are just incredible. You really need to email him and get his full printed catalog. He said about half or less of his stuff is listed on the website/store. I cannot remember the actual number he stated but there are around 150 or so unlisted products." —  J Wall of Rural Hall, NC

Motrak Testimonials

"I just got my first order from Walther's for your Taconite loads (81729) for my Minnesota ore cars. Just wanted to say that they look great and fit very well in the cars. I'm glad I saw them in the Walther's catalog. I also have an order in to them for your Michigan taconite car load (81717). However, that load would need to be back ordered, so I'll be ordering direct from you. Walther's will be releasing a Michigan ore car in late June or early July which is why I ordered the loads. "– D. McHugh of Evergreen Park, IL

"Rick, they produce great products. I've purchased dozens of Motrak's coal loads for my PGEX coal train (E&C/LBF CoalGons) and an additional 36 for my Walthers RD-4s. The appearance of the coal looked very realistic to my eyes compared to the prototypes I've photographed in Montana over the years. I wholeheartedly recommend trying them out." — Mr. MRL


"I have a bunch of their taconite loads. very good looking and fit perfectly. I would recommend them to anyone." — Mongo


"Got on Skype and I ordered anything I could need loads for; Wood chips, Coal, Ballast and some Scrap loads. For anyone interested, the fellow's name is Jeff Adam and he can be found on eBay but is more than easy to deal with *direct*. I was happy to give him my order and bypass him having to pay eBay fees. If I can give him a plug, this business is his derivation after being laid off a while back. This is his primary business and he is selling stuff all over the world with plenty of good feedback." — Rich Schonfelder of Donvale, Australia


"I use their loads in my NS BLMA Top Gons (N scale) and they are great. Excellent filament and they look realistic. Would recommend highly." — Hank Dralleiii


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